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Welcome to the evolution of connectivity!

When you buy a truck from us, the moment we hand you the keys and you drive off the lot it isn’t the end … It’s just the beginning. Are we proud of the truck we built for you? Of course! Our main focus though, and what we feel is crucial to your business’s success, is being with you and your truck for every mile you drive. We call it the Ultimate Ownership Experience and it’s what we believe to be the most important part of being in the Hino family.

Introducing HINO EDGE.

EDGE is a body of services within the Total Support Ownership Experience that only Hino can offer to you. It’s a suite of services that helps us maximize your uptime, decrease maintenance costs and increases your ROI. No matter where you drive, or how you use your Hino, we’ll be there right behind you mile after mile after mile.

Hino is raising the bar in customer ownership experience with the introduction of HINO EDGE, the company’s all-new, third generation connected vehicle solution.  HINO EDGE synergizes the digital connection between the fleet customer, dealer network, Telematics Service Providers, and Hino Ultimate Support Centre, to provide customers a competitive edge.

Case Management

Get Real. Receive Real Time Fault Notifications that don’t just alert you, but let you know the severity of the alert and detailed descriptions of what’s going on.

Communication is Key. You’ll have access to the Ultimate Support Center at the Hino headquarters in Novi, MI as well as your dealers so you’re in the know, and have complete transparency.

Stay in the Know. With Service Alert Status, you will receive real-time alerts throughout the entire repair process: Checked in, in service, awaiting approval … all the way to “Ready For Pickup.”

Total Access. With EDGE, you’ll have access to everything you need to run your business more efficiently and more profitably. Maintenance reminders, recall notifications, ability to see open cases … you can even request service from your authorized dealer right from your desk.

Get Flexible. Communicate how you like: phone, text or email. Respond to a text message and it’s automatically logged into your case history.

Remote Features

Reduce downtime and increase uptime. With Remote Updates, any eligible vehicle can be updated remotely at your convenience. This saves you from having to take your truck in for updates increasing ROI and keeping your trucks where they belong – On the road.

*Unlock from anywhere. With Remote Door Unlock you have another potential money and time saver by getting into your truck when it matters most.

*Eligible Trucks Only.

  Dashboard & Depot Management

Never guess where your truck is again. With Track & Trace, you can know where your truck is at all times. You’re never too far from help. Find the location and contact information of your closest dealer no matter where you are.

Set the benchmark for Benchmark Reporting. With EDGE you’ll see a graphical snapshot of how your fleet compares to other Hino Fleets in similar situations. Idle times, fuel economy … whatever data you need to optimize the performance of your fleet, you can find it here in real time. Never fly blind again! Everything you need to maximize your fleet’s ROI is right here, right now.


With Hino, it’s all about you! We’ve partnered with multiple telematics providers where we can connect you with your desired solution to meet your business needs. One advantage is that the hardware you need is already inside your Hino truck. Do you currently use your own system? Great, we have the capability to integrate what you’re already using into your new truck seamlessly, by providing you with access to our Case Management platform. With HINO EDGE, its all about maximizing value and making things easier for you.

Here are just some of the providers we’re already working with.