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Glass Finishes

3M™ Glass Finishes bring style and versatility to the table with a collection of polyester film that is sure to leave a lasting impression. These products enhance interior décor with modern, practical, trend-setting applications. A wide variety of patterns and colours give you the freedom to choose the film best suited for your space.

3M Glass Finishes
  • Film is quick & easy to install
  • ``Frosted`` or ``dusted`` films add privacy
  • ``Whiteboard`` film turns glass surfaces into writable, collaborative spaces
  • Great for offices, hotels, restaurants and healthcare settings
  • Easily customizable to suit your needs

3M™ Glass Finishes can be used as striking design elements, made for subtle pops of detail, or for additional privacy while maintaining the feel of an open concept atmosphere. Each product has been meticulously created by designers around the world and are customizable for maximum impact. Push the limits of your imagination with 3M™ Glass Finishes.

Extraordinary Detail

3M™ Glass Finishes provide detailed precision that will make people stop and take notice. With input from lead designers, these films can be applied in a variety of settings to enhance the experience of those who frequent your establishment.

Innovative Design

Whether you’re looking to add privacy to meeting areas, or to embrace a collaborative mindset with writable films, 3M™ Glass Finishes bring innovative, practical applications to the world of interior design.

Endless Possibilities

With a wealth of colours and patterns to choose from, 3M™ Glass Finishes are here to accommodate your workspace both esthetically, as well as functionally. Presentation is everything, so let this collection of films speak for your organization without saying a word.

The Glass Finish Experience

3M™ Glass Finishes include not only those with different patterns, but ones with textured surfaces as well. Have a brand you’re wanting to maintain? These polyester films are a fantastic way of complementing your look. It’s fast. It’s practical. It’s the look you deserve.