Summer is almost over, and as much as it pains us that the warm weather and long days are fading, at least we’re presented with brisk Fall weather, the start of the football season, and leaves changing colours. Unfortunately, to some, Fall means the start of pesky allergies. The production of ragweed and environmental mould can induce red & itchy eyes, dry throats and stuffy sinuses. The best thing you can do to protect yourself from allergies is to make a few changes to your home and your yard. Here are three ways to manage your allergies in the Fall.


Shut Your Windows And Utilize Your A/C


Of course, opening your window to allow a cool breeze is a nice feeling. However, it also makes it easy for ragweed pollen to enter your household. Therefore, we recommend you shut your windows and use your A/C whenever you can. When you use your A/C, you minimize humidity within your home, which prevents mould from growing and thriving. Be sure to follow this advice when driving in your car; use your AC as much as possible to keep pesky ragweed pollen at bay. 


Change The Filters in Your Air Conditioner & Furnace


If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it one thousand times: changing your air filters is incredibly important, and it helps prevent allergies from ruining your day. Your air conditioner & furnace requires clean air filters to restrict pollutants from getting into your living space. If you haven’t replaced your air filter in 6 months or more, you may be more prone to allergenic reactions.


Save Yard Work For the Morning or Late Evening


Before you cut your lawn or rake your leaves, be mindful about the time of day you choose to do your yard work. When you need to do yard work, save it for the morning or late evening as pollen counts are significantly lower during these hours. The best time do to yard work in the Fall is following a light rainstorm – light rain can briefly clear the air of allergenic pollen. 


Ensure that you take lawn maintenance seriously. Fallen leaves that lie dormant on your front and back lawn will attract pollen and produce mould. Long & uncut grass will also prevent your grass from flowering and generating pollen. Therefore, staying on top of your yard work is imperative to your overall health. 


For many people, Fall is synonymous with the beginning of the allergy season, but it doesn’t need to be that way. Ensure that you shut your windows, utilize your air conditioner, regularly swap out your HVAC air filters, and save yard work for the early morning late evening to best manage your allergies this Fall. For more in-home solutions, contact Absolute Comfort today!