Homeowners in Windsor/Essex have overused their air conditioning units these past few weeks and for a good reason. Heatwaves and excessive humidity have made all of us crave the relief of air conditioning. Sometimes though, things break down, and even though these issues may be an easy fix, they are still an annoyance. Obviously, on hot days, you are bound to get a bit of condensation, but, if the pooling of condensation persists through colder days, you may need a repair. This list will give you the four possible reasons why your air conditioner may be leaking:

A Cracked Drain Pan

Your drain pan catches condensation released from your air conditioner as it is used. If you check your drain pan, and it has a crack in it, no matter how small the crack may be, you should replace it. Your drain pan will continue to leak and erode until all of the water that is used to catch ends up as a puddle on your floor or under your air conditioner.

A Dirty Air Filter

Not only is a dirty air filter not healthy for you and your allergies, but it is also not very healthy for your air conditioner either. This problem is the easiest to fix and the most cost-effective out of all four possibilities. Usually, you need to replace your air filter every one or two months; but during the summer, the excessive use of your AC can make you burn through these filters quickly. A dirty filter can slow the airflow down and cause ice to form on your unit’s coils. When all that melts away, you are left with a giant puddle under your A/C system.

A Blocked Drain Pipe

Through years of use, your drainage pipe can become blocked with things like rust, dirt and other debris. When the tube is obstructed, the water in your drain pan can back up and begin to leak, causing some units to turn off if you have a clogged condensation line. If your air conditioning system is suddenly shutting down, this is often the cause, and it calls for a visit from a service technician.

Broken Condensate Pump

If your indoor AC unit is installed in your basement, you may have an issue with your condensate pump. A condensate pump pushes the water up and outside of your basement. If the pump is broken, all the condensation made by your A/C will begin to pool up in your basement. This is a situation where you will need to replace your pump or repair it.
All of these issues are relatively easy to solve and can be avoided by having one of our Absolute Comfort technicians visit for seasonal air conditioner maintenance. We’re available for all your heating and cooling needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week! Call us at 519-252-2699.