Summer is here, and although Canada Day has come and gone, the heat that Windsor will be dealing with for the next couple of months will be intense. Homeowners all over Windsor/Essex have turned on their air conditioners and are enjoying the comfort of central air. Although the inside of your home may be cool and comfortable, the heat can be very overbearing when you must spend time outdoors. Regardless of your air conditioner’s efficiency, sunlight and outside heat can still affect the internal temperature of your home. Here are a few things to keep in mind for both yourself and your home to stay cool this Summer:


Wear Cotton Clothes


Cotton clothing typically doesn’t attract and absorb the heat that other common clothing fabrics do, including polyester. Cotton breathes, and it alleviates the sensation of excessive heat that is common while wearing thick or layered clothing. Ensure that you wear light colours on very hot days such as yellows, oranges or blues. Dark colours such as black and navy blue may attract heat and make conditions feel even more unbearable for you.


Drink A Lot of Water


Hydration is necessary every day, but on scorching days, drinking a lot of water is imperative to your health and comfort. Even if you don’t feel too thirsty, your body relies on water to keep you energized and if you’re living in warm conditions, you will most likely sweat, furthering the need for water. Drink approximately 2 litres of water every day and make it a priority before you go to bed.


Reduce the Amount of Time Spent in The Sun


During the day, when the Sun is at its hottest, it is important to stay in shady areas or to stay inside your home where there is central air. Between 11 am – 3 pm, the heat of the Sun will be at its absolute peak, which means you need to stay cool and comfortable.  If you do end up going outside to tan, swim or read a book, ensure that you check into an air-conditioned building on a routine basis to assure you do not overheat.


Create A Cross Breeze


If there is a soothing breeze outside of your home, it may be an opportune time to make your home even cooler on extremely hot days. To create a cross breeze in your home, open a window to allow in a gentle breeze and then situate a fan across from the window. This will create an excellent funnel of cold air in your home for additional temperate satisfaction.


Get Your Air Conditioner Serviced


If your air conditioner is old, broken or is lacking maintenance to ensure its efficiency, now is the time to act. A lack of cool air on extremely hot days can lead to health concerns and a lack of quality sleep.  Contact your local HVAC dealer or specialist for a detailed diagnosis about your unit’s current condition.