It’s officially Summer, which means the hottest days of the year have yet to arrive. Homes all over Windsor-Essex are turning on their air conditioning unit, and many are basking in the glory of central air. However, there are some homes in Windsor-Essex that are realizing that their air conditioner is underperforming or not working at all. This may be a sign that your HVAC unit is losing its usefulness and that you may need a brand-new air conditioner. Here are a few signs indicating that you may need an upgrade:


You’ve Owned the Same Unit for More Than ten years


Your HVAC unit has a lifespan, much like your vehicle has a lifespan, and your roof has a lifespan. This means that you must be conscientious about the age of your unit. If you bought a house without knowing the age of your HVAC system, there is a good chance that your unit is coming close to, or surpassed, ten years of age. Technology continues to improve and therefore investing in a brand-new unit, installed by your local HVAC technicians, will pay dividends for the next 10+ years.


A Sudden Increase in Your Hydro Bill


The older that your unit gets, the more expensive your hydro bill will be. This isn’t very surprising because, over time, your unit will require more and more maintenance to preserve its effectiveness. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect service on their HVAC unit because they don’t necessarily understand just how important it is. Homeowners may not thoroughly understand how much of difference maintenance makes, but they certainly will notice it when they check their hydro bill every month. Ensure that you are not paying more for wasted energy by investing in a new air conditioning unit today.


Your Air Conditioning Unit Is Very Loud


The typical indication that your air conditioner is reaching the end of its lifespan is that it is making loud and unusual noises. Your air conditioner isn’t designed to be noise-free, but if you hear clicking, tapping, screeching or scratching there is a pretty good chance that there are parts within the unit that are impeding its effectiveness. Noises are certainly signs that you should have an HVAC specialist inspect your machine, and if your unit is old and rusty, you may be better off buying a brand new one.


The Overall Comfort of Your Home Is Lacklustre


If you’ve noticed that certain rooms in your house are hotter or cooler than the other, there may be major issues with your HVAC unit. If you’ve already enlisted the services of an HVAC specialist to inspect your unit and they’ve told your air conditioner is performing to its full capability, and you still feel hot and muggy in certain rooms of your home, it is time to consider investing in a new air conditioning unit.


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