Your HVAC system will not last forever; even after repairs and maintenance to improve its quality and efficiency, there will come a time that it just makes more sense to invest in an entirely new HVAC unit that will perform excellently and save you money on hydro bills. When the time comes to upgrade your system, it would be wise to invest in ductless heating and cooling, here are a few reasons why:


Specific Temperature Control Per Room


All HVAC systems are designed to provide maximum comfort throughout your entire home. However, when you modify the temperature in your home, you are changing the temperature in each room. Ductless heating & cooling provides you with absolute climate customization. For example, you can modify the temperature in your kitchen without it affecting the temperature in your bedroom.


Duct Work Is Not Required


For older homes with ducts that are difficult to access and implement new HVAC units to, ductless heating and cooling systems are a valuable commodity. They can be implemented to any home and any room without the need for maintenance or renovations to the home’s ductwork.


Save Money


Ductless Heating & Cooling systems will ultimately save you money on your hydro bill because you will only be utilizing its capabilities when you need it. Since these systems come with many thermostats, you can control the temperature in a room that is in use, and shut it off when you leave, saving you from overusing it or having it run up your energy bill.


Sublimely Silent


Ductless heating & cooling systems are a lucrative addition to any household because they operate in absolute silence. All the heavy lifting is performed by compressors and condensers that are located on the exterior of the home providing you with optimal temperatures in quiet conditions.


Polished Look


Window air conditioning units can be a hassle to install, on top of that, they also reduce security measures on your home because they require an open window to be fixed. With ductless heating & cooling units, you can install the system on your ceiling or a wall close to your ceiling.  The unit is also very sleek in design which means it won’t be a constant eye-sore to look at, in fact, it blends in so well you may forget it’s even there.


All Year Support


Perhaps the most significant benefit to installing ductless heating & cooling to your home is the fact that it supports you at any point in the year. Unlike window air conditioning units, you will be able to switch from cool air to hot air in a matter of minutes. When the cold season’s pass, switch it back to the cooling function to provide your home with premium comfort.


There are many reasons to invest in ductless heating & cooling systems for an HVAC upgrade especially if you live in Windsor, Ontario with the everchanging weather conditions and fluctuating temperatures. Contact your local HVAC specialists today!