You’ll often hear that before you turn on your furnace for the Winter or your air conditioner for the Summer, that it is a wise choice to have HVAC specialists come and prognosticate any potential problems or dilemmas with your unit.  However, many homeowners don’t really even know what occurs during an HVAC maintenance call which is why many decide to not proceed with it. To provide our customers in Windsor, Ontario with a better understanding of the components of a maintenance call, here are a few things HVAC specialists will be looking for upon arriving at your home:


Thermostat Calibration:


An HVAC specialist will ensure that your thermostat has been calibrated accurately to provide absolute comfort within your home at any point during the year.  Programmable thermostat provides the highest level of precision, which may be recommended to you if your home does not have one.


Fasten Electrical Connections:


Electrical connections to your HVAC appliances should be secured and fastened to reduce the chances of someone getting hurt or damaging your HVAC system. An HVAC specialist will also be able to conduct measurements on appliance motors (i.e. current and voltage measurements).


Lubrication Of HVAC Components:


All HVAC units need occasional lubrication to ensure that all moving pieces inside of the appliance are operating without resistance. When moving parts are restricted in their movements, your HVAC appliance can overheat and breakdown which can cost you hundreds in repairs. HVAC specialists will lubricate all necessary parts which will end up saving you money in the long run.


Ensure Fuel Lines Are Safely Intact:


The natural gas that runs to your furnace must be secured and tightened to prevent gas leaks and fires from occurring inside your home. This job is particularly dangerous, as is any operation involving natural gas; ensure that you enlist the professional assistance of an HVAC specialist to complete the job with the utmost health and safety in mind.


Clear Condensate Drain:


Whether you own a condensate furnace or a central air conditioner, they both create condensation while running. The condensate typically expels through a condensate drain to the outside of your home; however, over time, the drain may begin to experience blockage as sludge forms. This can be especially alarming in scenarios where you overuse your HVAC appliance because if the drainage pan overflows, you could be looking at extensive water damage in your home. HVAC specialists will ensure that your drainage pipe and pan are clear of obstructions so that you can enjoy your HVAC system with no concerns.


While there are steps, you can take to help expand the lifespan of HVAC appliances (change air filters regularly and hosing down dirt that has collected on your external unit, etc.) it is still wise to leave the intricate jobs to HVAC specialists. They understand what must be done in any maintenance job to ensure your unit remains in good standing and that human health & safety is prioritized.