Anyone that lives in Windsor, Ontario understands that much of the cold weather arrives in January and February. The following months will be fairly chilly which means there’s a need for a fully functional and efficient heating supply. Many homes will be relying on their furnace to warm their homes & apartments; however, some may need to use space heaters, especially for smaller homes. Regardless, ensuring that the heat stays in your home will be essential for a comfortable Winter; here are a few ways you can maintain proper temperature levels in your home:


Heat Is Escaping Through My Windows


Heat escaping through your windows is one the of the biggest perpetrators of heat loss during the Winter. Inspect your windows for cracks; cracks could be present in the frame, the window sill or in the glass panels, which all could contribute to a lack of proper heating in your home. You can shake or push your window panes to see if your window sash is wobbly or loose. You can place a lit candle or burning incense in front of their window to check and see if there is any smoke escaping through your window glass or window pane (this should be done under adult supervision only). You should also shut your curtains at night when temperatures are at their lowest and open them when the sun is shining in the day.


Your Attic Needs To Be Reinsulated


Older homes are more susceptible to losing heat during the Winter months because of the insulation, or lack of it, in their home. Many homes don’t allow for easy access to the attic, which may restrict homeowners from fully knowing if their attic is responsible for heat loss. If you can access your attic, inspect the joists and check if the insulation is underneath them or is at least even to them. When your attic is releasing heat, your furnace is working much harder to establish a central temperature, which will eventually wear down the condition of your furnace. Adding more insulation to your attic may prove wise and keep your house warmer, with less energy used.


You Haven’t Upgraded To A Programmable Thermostat


Older technology makes it harder to diagnose and correct issues. Many homeowners claim they are losing heat through their doors, windows or attics but their homes are actually well insulated and keep the warm air in quite nicely. However, they are using an old thermostat for their old furnace, and it just isn’t performing nearly as well as it should be. Upgrading to a programmable thermostat will ensure that you know the temperature in your house is accurate and will inform you if your furnace is overexerting itself in an attempt to heat your home.


The heat in your home may be escaping through your windows, your attic or may be a sign of an outdated HVAC unit. Contact your local HVAC specialists today, and they will diagnose and make professional recommendations about how to keep you and your family warm this Winter.