The Winter season is approaching quickly and for some homeowners now is the time to ensure your HVAC unit is ready and entirely functional to withstand the freezing temperatures and keep your family warm through the coldest parts of the year. Let us introduce you to a heat pump. A heat pump is a beautiful idea for any home because of the low maintenance of the pump and the benefits it can provide on a cold winter day. Here are a few reasons you should look into a heat pump:


No Natural Gas Lines


If you do not have any natural gas lines that directly reach your home, you are in luck! Heat pumps run solely off of electricity and can be installed by any HVAC specialist with relative ease. If you do not have natural gas lines running into your home than installations will have to take place, which includes digging and plenty of exterior maintenance. Heat pumps provide excellent temperature control and are installed in one day!


Improved Efficiency & Couples With Furnaces


Heat pumps pull energy from outside of your home and convert it into heat that will be used to warm your home. You may wonder, especially with Canadian winters, how can it turn cold air into hot air for your comfort. Even as temperatures drop to below 0 degrees Celsius, there is still viable energy available to provide heat through the pump. When temperatures do drop below freezing, it does make the heat pump less potent, but it will still offer an abundance of warmth. We recommend coupling heat pumps with your already existing furnace. While the heat pump will still work, you can utilize your furnace on a lower level to provide optimal in-house heat while not spending much money.


Environmentally Conscientious & Durable


A heat pump is a great environmentally friendly investment as they require no fossil fuels to keep it operating. These appliances are a great and conscientious way to reduce your carbon footprint and to heat your home. With relatively no maintenance required after installation, these heat pumps tend to last about 15-20 years meaning reliable and consistent heating for the average timespan a homeowner spends living in their home. Dependency is one of the qualities homeowners should look for in any HVAC appliance, and heat pumps are as dependable as they come.




Metaphorically, heat pumps act as a reverse refrigerator. Where a refrigerator extracts heat from inside the fridge through a pump out the backside of the refrigerator, a heat pump extracts the heat from outside and funnels it into the house providing homeowners with quality hot air. Heat pumps are the newest and most impressive piece of HVAC equipment on the market and can genuinely improve your quality of living this upcoming Winter. If you have any questions or concerns about installing a heat pump for your house, contact Absolute Comfort today, and we will help determine what works best for you.




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