Quality home furnaces are designed to last 20 or more year in a home depending on the number of maintenance calls you make and how often you run your HVAC unit. Purchasing a new furnace can be an intimidating venture: what are you looking for? How much should you spend? And is there an absolute need to buy a new furnace or should you invest in a repair? You may only need to buy one furnace in your entire lifetime, so here are some tips to ensure you are making a wise, educated decision.


Research The HVAC Company


It is essential to begin your search with some research into different HVAC specialists offering to replace your furnace. Inspect testimonials and general reviews on the Internet to determine the trustworthiness of the HVAC specialists. If problems arise with your new heater, you will want to be sure that the installing company is still around to claim responsibility and repair any issues your HVAC system may be having. Keep an eye on reviews from multiple years ago; this can ease your tensions knowing they have been providing great workmanship for a long time. Learn more about our company and the heating products we offer. 


Ensure Licensing and Insurance Are Updated


Selling and installing HVAC equipment requires intensive training, certifications, licensing as well as insurance and there are in Windsor who sells without those qualifications. Make sure you know who is installing your furnace so that if things end up going wrong, the consequences do not fall upon your shoulders.


Be Wary About Renting A Furnace


HVAC professionals in Windsor understand that buying a furnace could end up saving you money in the long-term and offer you more autonomy regarding owning your furnace rather than it being someone else’s property. Offering a homeowner a rental deal on a furnace is a sales tactic used by HVAC companies to make the most money they can, as fas as they can. In most cases, the total cost of the furnace will be recovered by the dealer with 5 -6 years. Renters will often offer rent-exclusive deals such as same-day maintenance calls,  no charge for part or labour, and no costs up-front. Most reputable HVAC companies offer affordable financing plans, so be sure to keep an eye out for those.


Focusing Only On The Price


Touching upon our previous point, buying a furnace is a long-term investment, and that investment should be carefully deliberated and considered. Merely purchasing a furnace because it is “the only one you can afford” or “ all furnaces operate the same” is a very risky and potentially dangerous mindset. Invest for the comfort and protection of you and your family, and once again, affordable financing plans can ensure you get the best value at a price that doesn’t break the bank.


Absolute Comfort takes the comfort and security of your family very seriously. If you have any questions, comments or concerns about installing a new furnace, contact Absolute Comfort today, and we will help you as much as we can.