As Absolute Comfort, one of Windsor’s premier HVAC companies, it is our responsibility to provide our customers with the highest quality of products possible. This is why we choose to only offer our customers Trane air conditioners and furnaces. So what makes this brand so special?


Trane Offers Better Efficiency

Better efficiency equates to more cost savings. Trane has a reputation for producing better products at lower heating and cooling costs. On average, families tend to spend nearly $2,300 on heating and cooling per year. Sound like a lot? It is! However, by purchasing a Trane furnace or air conditioner, you can dramatically reduce that number.

For example, the Trane XC95 furnace has up to 95 percent AFUE rating, almost 20 percent higher than the current government minimum standard. By investing in an XC95 furnace or a comparable model, you can save up to 40 percent in heating costs per year. Overtime, these products virtually pay for themselves.


Offering Better Reliability

Trane’s drive to push their products to the extreme has bred results. They have gone as far as encapsulating their products in blocks of ice to ensure their products remain functional in even the most extreme conditions. If a product does not make it through the testing phase, the company does not continue to make the product. They focus on crafting products that you can rely on for many years to come. Don’t believe us? They have been voted America’s most trusted HVAC systems provider three years in a row by Life Story Research.


Offering Lower Prices and Wider Variety

Trane’s competitive pricing for their superior products is yet another reason we chose them. According to, they offer some of the most affordable solutions within their respective brand tier. The cost of your HVAC system will depend on a variety of factors, but Trane offers flexible financing options and a convenient monthly payment plan.

Trane offers a myriad of products including:

  • Air conditioners,
  • Air handlers,
  • Furnaces,
  • Heat pumps,
  • Coils,
  • Packaged systems,
  • Geothermal systems,
  • Ductless systems,
  • Thermostats, and
  • Pool heaters

Within these categories of products, Trane offers a variety of merchandise with unique features to best suit your home. These unique features differentiate them from competitors and are customized to work best for your situation and home.


Interested in learning more about finding the right Trane product for your home? For more information, check out some of our Trane products.