Do you have electric heat in your home? Are your hydro bills out of control? Then you need to read this!

Electric baseboards are the standard for many homes, however they do have a lot of drawbacks:

  • The quality of baseboard heaters varies quite a bit.
  • They can get very hot to the touch, posing a burn risk to children and pets.
  • Since they need to be installed under windows to work correctly (so their rising warm air will counteract cool air falling from the window), they can become a fire hazard thanks to nearby curtains or furniture.
  • They can be quite noisy.
  • They provide inconsistent temperature control.
  • Since they produce a very dry heat, they can lead to itchy eyes, raw throat and even bloody noses.
  • They can cause your hydro bills to run very high.
  • They can emit a burning smell due to an accumulation of dust.

If you are looking for a better alternative to standard electric baseboard heating, to save energy and money every month, you need to know about Split-Ductless Heat Pumps. Some of the benefits to upgrading to a ductless system are:

  • The provide precision temperature control, and don’t need to be placed by a window to work. In fact, ductless heat pumps are small, sleek and mounted out of the way.
  • They are out of reach from children and pets.
  • They provide fresh, breathable heat that does not result in dry air causing irritation.
  • They are more energy efficient than baseboard heaters, and waste less electricity.
  • They provide greater precision and control and run much much quieter.

The ductless heating and cooling pumps that we recommend are from Mitsubishi Electric, specifically the Mr. Slim Hyper-Heat FH Series. Some features include:

  • A 3D i-see Sensor, which scans the entire room and divides it into 752 zones, detecting where you and your family are located. It’s so precise that it responds just to people and not pets!
  • Absence Detection: When no one is in the room, the unit automatically switches into energy saving mode.
  • Direct/Indirect Air Flow: Enhance comfort by averting airflow from people, or set direct airflow to target people for quick heating or cooling.
  • Natural Flow: This setting directs airflow much like natural wind. The continuous gentle breeze provides enhanced comfort.
  • Quiet Comfort: As quiet as 20 decibels, you won’t even notice it’s on.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Only a small 10cm opening is required to connect the refrigerant and power lines between the indoor and outdoor systems. Installation can be completed in a fraction of the time needed to install a conventional system.  
  • Nano-Platinum air filtration system: Includes an electrostatic anti-allergy enzyme filter, effectively removing the four major air pollutants that cause illness – bacteria, viruses, allergens and dust.

We’d be happy to provide you more details on upgrading to a Split-Ductless Heat Unit and give you a custom quote. Contact our office today at  519-252-2699.