In the hot summer months, it’s very important to ensure your air conditioner is cooling your home. If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home, there are many different reasons as to what could be causing the problem.

Before beginning, make sure that all of the windows and doors are closed, your supply and return vents are opened and not blocked, and lastly, that your air filter is clean. Once that is all completed, feel free to go through our checklist to see if your air conditioner can cool once again.

Not Cooling Checklist: Troubleshoot the Problem

  1. Is the thermostat set to “cool” and turned down below room temperature?
  2. Is the power “on” to the indoor and/or outdoor unit? Check breaker.
  3. If you answered yes to any of these, check to see if the outdoor unit is running.
  4. If the outdoor unit isn’t running, look if the outdoor unit has a red reset button and push it.
  5. If that doesn’t work, see if you have a condensate pump at the indoor unit. If so, keep in mind that some pumps have a safety switch that shuts off the outdoor unit if the pump overfills and fails to pump. Check the pump to see if it’s working.
  6. Lastly, your unit should have a disconnect box mounted on the wall. They come in different ways (on/off switch, pull out plug, circuit breaker and some have fuses). If your unit has a breaker, make sure it didn’t trip. If it has fuses, they need to be checked.

If you completed the following checklist and your air conditioner is still not cooling, it’s time to schedule a service call so our certified technicians can resolve the problem.