Do you need an AC in Windsor? Whether you’re upgrading a house that doesn’t have cooling yet, or replacing a broken air conditioner, or switching to a model with better energy efficiency, there are many types of air conditioner systems to choose from. Bright Hub Engineering, an online resource for different engineering information, lists different types of air conditioning.

Window Type

Commonly seen in homes, the window air conditioner is used for cooling single rooms. In this type of air conditioner, a single box encloses all the components—condenser, compressor, expansion coil or valve, cooling coil, and the evaporator. The unit is installed by fitting it into a window sill, or sometimes in a slot created in the wall.


Putting a single unit in each room of a huge building will be very expensive. So, the common solution is to install central air conditioning. This system uses a large compressor with tons of air conditioning capacity. Such is the only feasible setup for malls or very large houses.


If there is a need to cool more than two rooms, packaged units are sometimes recommended. There are two arrangements for this type. One is where the components are in a single box with a high capacity blower throwing cool air through ductwork to distribute it to different rooms. The other is where only the condenser and compressor are housed in a single box and the compressed air is passed through other units, set in different rooms, containing the cooling coil and expansion valve.

Split System

Split air conditioners are composed of an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units. The outdoor unit has the compressor, expansion valve, and condenser. It passes air through tubing to the indoor unit containing the evaporator, cooling fan, and cooling coil.

Air Conditioning Installation

When you are choosing an air conditioner, efficiency must be of utmost concern. This would be largely dependent on the size of your home and, of course, your budget. Whichever type you choose for your home, you should entrust your air conditioning installation in Windsor to experts. HVAC contractors, like Absolute Comfort Control Services, can help you plan the installation for maximum efficiency.


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