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High School

Discovering your passion & developing
your gifts

Would you prefer a traditional high school or the adventure of a lifetime? What if school helped you discover and developed your unique gifts, talents, and passions?

School, as we know it and was designed in 1893, was not originally created with this in mind. Our school was born different. Infinity School is one of the newest and most innovative (and downright coolest) school networks in the world. Our learning environment is a model for the future – now. You are invited to bring yourself, your interests and your voice to our school as we work to develop a dynamic school environment in Infinity School. Let’s do real and world changing good together.


We are accepting applications for students ages FOUR to FOURTEEN for the 2019-2020 school year. (Our high school program opens in September of 2020.) Book a tour with us today!

What makes Launchpad high school different?

  • We believe in doing real, personally challenging work that is meaningful to the world beyond the school walls–and most importantly within the context of a tight-knit caring school community.
  • We have removed traditional subject-based classes and teaching positions.
  • Instead, staff and students work in a tightly knit team of ten-fifteen students.
  • Exploring passion projects while mastering core skills is common occurrence at Launchpad.
  • We are a school community aimed at preparing students for a lifetime of leadership and service. Launchpad instills the importance of giving back to the community by encouraging a generous spirit in our students through philanthropic projects.
  • We believe in a student-led learning design that meets the educational goals of each young person. Launchpad students are the centre of their own learning experience so that their education is challenging and relevant preparing them for college or the career adventure of their choice.
  • Launchpad students get ready for real-world success by gaining valuable skills, mastering them through apprenticeships, and launching real startups, businesses, and projects. Students will surround themselves with world-class entrepreneurs, artists, scientists, and heroes in the field they are passionate about.
  • We believe learning to be matters. Our students are challenged to develop personal character and virtue that will help them navigate their life using as their compass kindness, hard work, honesty, responsibility, and a deep sense of life purpose.

A Day in the Life

Mastering Reading, Writing, Math and Civilization using computer simulations and Socratic Discussions

Competing and collaborating in a game-like series of real world projects to learn 21st Century Skills

Experimenting with entrepreneurs, scientists and community leaders to hone your most precious gifts and talents until you find your calling in life

Who is Launchpad for?

People who are bored in school.
People who don’t feel school quite works for them.
People who see things differently.
People who would like school to be more about doing projects around their own interests with just a few dozen other young people.
People who might like to build things or program computers or make art.
People who care about their future and want to find a calling and change the world.
People who are kind, hardworking, and committed to doing their best.

Learning at Launchpad High

  • Students launch their own business
  • No test, no grades, no homework
  • Real world, hands on projects
  • Field trips and guest presenters to extend learning beyond the classroom
  • Earn University/ College credit while in High School
  • Fine art and music workshops
  • Integrated fitness and sports
  • Character education
  • Hands-on learning
  • Foreign language
  • Robotics