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Step 1

Ensure that Infinity School is the right school for your family and your child:

Step 2

Once you are convinced that Infinity School is the right fit for your family, please contact us via phone or email to book a school visit and to make sure we have space for the level your child is in. These visits take approximately an hour and can be done during the daytime or an evening to make sure that all parents/ caregivers are able to attend together.

Step 3

After that visit, if you are certain to want to move forward with an application for your child(ren), we will get to know them by having them join the school for a “try-day.”

The try-day is the last step of the application process so please ensure that you are ready to enrol your child before signing up for this day. The students (we call them “Eagles”) in our school are a close group of kids so bringing someone in to potentially join them is an important process both for those applying and the ones currently here. We want to make sure your child is a good fit for our program and that the kids already here are a good fit for your child.

Step 4

Invitation to enroll

After the try-day, your family and our administrators will discuss if Infinity School is a good fit for everyone. Once that has been determined, you will be offered an application form, which in addition to the tuition payment, confirms the enrolment.


We are accepting applications for students ages FOUR to FOURTEEN for the 2019-2020 school year. (Our high school program opens in September of 2020.) Book a tour with us today!