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We use a “modified” school-year calendar that incorporates education best-practice to improve student well-being by including more frequent breaks throughout the year as well as a shorter summer. We love this calendar! It’s great not having a big learning gap in the summer — and we don’t count down days until the next break because they happen so frequently. We also love being able to travel off-season like in October and the end of May.

Due to the way our independent learning program is set up, it is okay if your family wants to spend time away for vacations or important events. You can still continue your learning on the road!

View the 2018-2019 calendar:

How is Infinity School Different?

Infinity School is fundamentally different from traditional schools. No bells ring, and there are no lectures. Students are in control of their own learning. This great article We Need To Educate Kids For The Future, Not The Past explains concepts that are being used in our school.

How our school is different:

  • Student-driven, self-paced learning
  • Focus on process-development like critical thinking, problem solving, decision making, communication, collaboration
  • Personal support and coaching of each child’s character development (“soft” skills)
  • Real-world projects and apprenticeships
  • Multi-age/grade classes
  • Student self-governance
  • Exploration and assessment of skill levels, learning styles, aptitudes, personality traits, and interests
  • Guides rather than teachers
  • Socratic discussions rather than lectures
  • Mastery learning and student portfolios of achievements rather than grades
  • No homework
  • No teaching to the test

Do you have a preschool program?

We do not have a preschool program in our school, however, we do recommend these programs in London:

Preschool of the Arts (Old South: near Wortley Rd and Askin St)

Gibbons Park Montessori School  (Old North: far West end of Victoria St in Gibbons Park)

Do you have before and after-care?

YES! We open our doors at 7:45am every day so before-care is included in the tuition price. If anyone needs care from our end time (3:15pm) to 5:30pm, there is an additional charge of $100 per month.


We are accepting applications for students ages FOUR to FOURTEEN for the 2019-2020 school year. (Our high school program opens in September of 2020.) Book a tour with us today!